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Crash Tackle Rugby

You break down the blind side and tear through the defence. You're out in the clear. Almost. The only thing standing between you and international rugby glory is 120kg's of bone crunching muscle. You've got the pace, but have you got the guts?

This is the action packed world of rugby board games and Crash Tackle™ is the world leader!

Advanced Scrums

In the thick of a scrum getting the ball to right player makes the difference between a clean attack or messy error! To represent...

Additional Rules Rate: 5.00 Hits:62

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Off-side at the Ruck

Once a ruck is formed an imaginary off-side line forms from behind the last grounded player on both teams side of the ruck. Any pl...

Rucks & Mauls Rate: 0.00 Hits:58

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Television Match Official (TMO)

What is a TMO? TMO is the acronym for a Television Match Official and was introduced into rugby as early as 2001. The TMO is effe...

Additional Rules Rate: 5.00 Hits:55

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Key Features

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Rugby Field

Beautifully illustrated with accurate field markings, grass and dirt, this massive 2 piece folding field is where all the rugby action takes place!

Pressure Play Cards

Crash Tackle includes 30 Pressure Play cards. These cards are used to perform special rugby moves and abilities that do not rely on the dice. Use them in combinations to string together 100's of mind blowing moves that will have your opposition gasping!


Each game contains 30 illustrated player markers. Finely detailed with the realistic kit, hairstyles, headgear, rugby gloves and bandages used by top rugby teams.

Skill Chart

The Skill Chart is the key to playing Crash Tackle. It determines each rugby players ability to perform vital actions like Kick, Pass or Gather.

Training Guide

This well structured and simply written guide clearly explains the basics of playing Crash Tackle as well as an advanced section for the experienced Crash Tackle rugby coach.

Score Sheet

Use this to keep track of the score and scorers during game play. You can also vote your man of the match!

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