Additional Rules

Television Match Official (TMO)

What is a TMO?

TMO is the acronym for a Television Match Official and was introduced into rugby as early as 2001. The TMO is effectively an extra pair of digital eyes that may be appointed to assist the referee in determining whether points have...

Penalty Try

What is a Penalty Try?

A penalty try in rugby union is awarded to a team when foul play by the opposing team prevents them from scoring a probable try. The try is awarded between the goalposts and the player guilty of the foul play must be...

Short Line-outs

For tactical reasons a coach may wish to use less Forwards in his Line-Out then usual.

The team awarded the Line-Out may choose how many Forwards they wish to have in the Line-Out (min.2).

These players can be placed any where on their side of the...

Advanced Scrums

In the thick of a scrum getting the ball to right player makes the difference between a clean attack or messy error!

To represent this battle for the ball, Crash Tackle has released the following ruling. When putting the ball in during a Scrum the...

Advanced Lineouts

The line-out is certainly an important cog in the great rugby machine. A team that dominates the line-outs and steals opposition ball is very difficult to beat.

Setting up the line-out

Using the line-out template to set up you players as shown in...


Deliberately placing team mates in front of your ball carrier is a great way to block tacklers, but it is also illegal! A player in front of the ball carrier could obstruct a defender from making a tackle, and can be penalised.

What to do...


Tackled into Touch

Any player that is tackle while in a space next to the touch line stands the chance of being tackled into touch by his opposition player. The ball carriers skills are essential to keeping the ball in play and alive!
When tackled the player must make...


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