Advanced Scrums

In the thick of a scrum getting the ball to right player makes the difference between a clean attack or messy error!

To represent this battle for the ball, Crash Tackle has released the following ruling. When putting the ball in during a Scrum the 'Coach' must choose which player he wishes to feed the ball to. The player he chooses determines the number he must roll 'equal to or less' than to make a successful feed.

Look at the Scrum marker on the left. The number on each space is the number you need to roll 'equal to or less' to get the ball to that player. An easy way to remember it is - 8 or less to number 8 and 9 or less to number 9.

If you roll 'equal to or less' then the number shown then the throw is successful. Place the ball on the nominated player and continue play as normal.

If you roll 'more' then the number shown then the throw is unsuccessful and the opposition wins the ball and your turn ends immediately. The opposition may place the ball on any of his players in the scrum and continue playing as normal.

Double 6: Illegal Binding!
If you roll a Double 6 when rolling for the Scrum feed, then your team has been caught for incorrect binding! By binding incorrectly your team was hoping to get a quick break from the Scrum. Your opponent is awarded a Penalty taken from the center of the Scrum template. Your turn ends immediately.

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