Television Match Official (TMO)

What is a TMO?

TMO is the acronym for a Television Match Official and was introduced into rugby as early as 2001. The TMO is effectively an extra pair of digital eyes that may be appointed to assist the referee in determining whether points have been scored during a game of rugby. The TMO can make use of television replays and slow-motion to assess the situation and feedback their advice to the referee on the field.

When does it happen in Crash Tackle?

When a player scores a try on a space containing the tryline.

Why does it happen in Crash Tackle?

In a desperate attempt to get to the line, the tackler and ball carrier hit the deck in a cloud of dust, grass and chalk. In this mayhem, the referee is unable to make a clear call and refers the decision to the Television Match Official. A TMO Roll must be made to determine if the try has been scored.

How does it happen in Crash Tackle?

To start the scoring player must roll both dice.

  • If the total roll is equal or less than that player's Movement Skill - The player's speed and momentum get him over the line the TMO decides that ball is grounded and the Try is awarded.
  • If the total roll more than that player's Movement Skill - Despite his speed, the replay shows the ball has not been grounded and the try is denied. The attacking team is awarded a scrum 3 spaces directly back from the ball.

If you roll a Double 6 - Then your player is judged to make a double movement when scoring the try. A double movement is illegal in rugby and results in a penalty to the opposition on this spot.


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