Off-side at the Ruck

Once a ruck is formed an imaginary off-side line forms from behind the last grounded player on both teams side of the ruck. Any player that is ahead of their line is considered off-side.

  • An off-side player may not legally gather, pass, kick or tackle until he is back on-side.
  • An off-side player will only be considered on-side when he retreats to a space on or behind his own off-side line.

During your turn any of your players caught off-side at a ruck MUST use any available moves to try and get back to on-side position.

If the ball is gathered from the ruck and any off-side player, with available moves, has not attempted to retreat, a referee roll must be made against those players. If the referee roll is failed, a penalty will be awarded on the centre of the ruck.

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